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Afghanistan: Boys protest against ban on women, video surfaced

Protests continue against the Taliban

Protests continue against the Taliban government’s decree banning women from educational institutions in Afghanistan. In protest, many men walked out of classes in Afghanistan, the video of which is going viral on social media.

Many professors from the universities of Afghanistan also came out in support of the women and walked out of the classroom.

Let us discuss here that earlier, Taliban’s education minister, while defending the regime’s decision to stop women from studying in colleges and universities, said that we asked girls to wear proper hijab but they were not seen doing so. Women dressed as if they were going to a wedding ceremony.

video went viral

Students and professors have also come out to protest against the order of the Taliban government. A video has been released from the Twitter wall named Afghan Peace Watch, which has gone viral on social media. There is continuous reaction in this video and people are seen talking in support of women. Tweeting the video, it was written that the students of Nangarhar University have opposed the Taliban government’s decision not to allow girls to enter the university. these students Taliban government Left his exams to protest the ban.

Why ban women in universities

It is being said by the Taliban government that women studying in universities are not following the rules. She is not coming wearing popper dress code. Looking at her outfit, it seems that she is going to a wedding.

Women are not even wearing hijab after passing out from universities.

Men and women are studying in universities for free.

There are some subjects in universities which are against Islam. There are some subjects of science which are not suitable for women. Taliban refers to the subject of biology.

Engineering, Agriculture and some other subjects which are against the culture of Afghan women should avoid studying.

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