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Ajith once fired a staff for bad mouthing him but still paid his home loan

Kollywood, the Tamil film industry, is a realm of immense talent where each star is known for their distinct qualities. While M.G.R. is revered for his benevolence, Rajinikanth is applauded for his candid speech, and Kamal Haasan is celebrated for his innovation in cinema. Similarly, Ajith is renowned for his helping nature, often extending his support to many within the industry.

Ajith is known to his fans for his big heart and giving nature.
Ajith is known to his fans for his big heart and giving nature.

Ajith’s acts of kindness are often not just limited to his close circle but are extended even to those who have publicly maligned him. Recently, a situation involving him came to light that demonstrated his extraordinary compassion. A driver who was previously employed by Ajith, had spoken negatively about him. Instead of retaliating or holding a grudge, Ajith simply listened to what he had to say.

Without asking for an explanation, Ajith then appeared in front of the man, effectively terminating his employment but also paid him six months’ salary. It later emerged that this former driver had borrowed money to build a house but was unable to find work to repay the loan. The situation was brought to Ajith’s manager’s notice through a call from the police station where the former employee had been summoned.

Upon learning the details, Ajith, not considering that this person had spoken ill of him, felt that he should not be the reason for a family’s problems. He immediately transferred 8 lakh to settle the former driver’s debts. As a result, the man could finally call the house his own.

It’s often said that true kindness is extending help even to one’s enemies, a feat not easily achieved. This is something that seems to be possible only for Ajith. Recently, he also gifted a bike worth 12 lakh to a person, who had organised his recent Nepal tour.


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