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Angad Bedi: The gold medal is my way of paying tribute to my father’s legacy

Just a couple of days after the demise of his father, legendary spinner Bishan Singh Bedi, actor Angad Bedi had to go for the Open International Masters 2023 Athletics Championship, where he emerged victorious in the 400 meters race, bringing a gold medal home.

Angad Bedi on winning gold medal in an International race, after father Bishan Singh Bedi's demise
Angad Bedi on winning gold medal in an International race, after father Bishan Singh Bedi’s demise

“I had been preparing for it for almost a year now, but, the sudden passing of my father really took me aback. It was tough to be in a space where I had to motivate myself again. I was in a really good rhythm before, but I know what my father would have wanted,” Angad tells us.

Recalling his father’s words, the 40-year-old adds, “He always believed that kisi cheez mein kabhi rukaavat nahi aani chahiye. He always used to say, ‘There is no bigger event in life than a sporting event.’ He wished for me to take part and be an athlete. I wanted to do this for him and I wanted him to see me run. But unfortunately, he couldn’t be there physically, I know his wishes and blessings were with me,” adding that he dedicated the medal to him. “The gold medal is my way of paying my tribute to him and his life. When the calling comes from the universe, then there is nothing that can come in the way. He was happy with my cinema trajectory, but he always felt that there was a lot more that I could offer, in terms of my physical jurisdiction and I could do something for my country.”

Struggling through the race while dealing with the emotional turmoil, the actor confessed, “There were difficulties during the race, as the heart was not willing and the mind was not there, just the body was present.” However, his coach Brinston Miranda uplifted his spirits. “He was fully there in support and tried to motivate me throughout. He said, ‘You are running for your dad, whatever the result may be, you will come out victorious’. I guess its life, but my father will always be there with me.”

Angad recalls the moment he won the medal and tells us, “When I won, I called up my mom, but she was busy. Then, I called Neha and I had a breakdown because I had held it inside me for so long. I was not even in a position to talk much to both of them,” adding, “But, I know that it was a very fulfilling experience, and I am happy that I did it. My father used to tell me that, ‘You and your mind are the biggest barrier that can come between you, yourself and what you want to achieve. And, don’t let that happen. Break all the mental barriers’. I just feel that when I was running, his voice was in my ears and it helped me achieve it.”

Looking ahead, Bedi plans to continue his running journey. “After this, the next would be a run for the states in Maharashtra in December, and then followed by a national race, whenever that happens,” Angad concludes.

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