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Google’s future Pixel plans: One flip, one foldable, and a few ‘regular’ models Latest update

For the longest time, Google has had the tradition of revealing its ‘Pixel’ phones, earbuds, and even the watch, much in advance, or at times people accidentally find it in a coffee shop or on some online marketplace. However, this time, we have got a glimpse of what Google has planned for not just the following year but for the three years to come.
The folks over at Android Authority got their eyes on the next three years of the roadmap for the Pixel lineup, devising what’s next to come until 2025, and spoiler alert, there are a lot of Pixel phones to come, including a few folding ones.
One fold, an affordable, and two premium Pixels coming in 2023
Google will kick off 2023 with the launch of the much-rumored Pixel Fold, which at one point has also been referred to as Pixel Notepad, but the Fold is the name that Google has decided to go with, which would cost around $1,799.
Then there would be the Pixel 7a, succeeding the Pixel 6a, with the same price tag as its predecessor. But, the Pixel 7a would upgrade on a few aspects – including a much-asked 90Hz display and wireless charging.
The Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a are said to debut somewhere between April and May, so we can expect them to show up during the Google I/O 23.
Later in 2023, we will get the usual Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, though with a few changes. The Pixel 7, codenamed “shiba,” may have a smaller form factor, while the Pixel 7 Pro, internally referred to as “husky,” will be identical to the Pixel 7 Pro. The two Pixel 8’s would be powered by the “zuma,” otherwise expected to be widely known as Tensor G3.
There is also a Pixel Tablet coming in 2023, as revealed by Google, and there could also be a ‘Pro’ model of the same.
Google “uncertain” about the Pixel 8a but has three Pixel 9 lined up for 2024
2024 could be when we may not get the Pixel 8a, depending on how well the Pixel 7a sells. So, Google plans to make the Pixel ‘a’ series a biannual thing rather than launching a new affordable Pixel every year. But, if a Pixel 8a launches, it would cost $50 more, which means it would sell for $499.
In fall 2023, the Pixel 9 would arrive, but the lineup may have three models – a vanilla Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and one more ‘Pro’ Pixel 9.
The “anonymous” source told Android Authority that Google wants to imitate Apple’s strategy of iPhones, having three models – one vanilla and two Pros – one being smaller while the other being a bigger one.
The Pixel 9 would be the smallest of the lot, having a similar form factor as the Pixel 8. The two Pixel 9 Pro would be a 6.3-inch and a 6.7-inch model. These three would be powered by the Tensor G3, now internally known as the “redondo.”
That is all we know about the three Pixel 9, there is nothing known about them, but the source says that these three are happening.
The follow-up to Pixel Fold, which as of now, is expected to launch in 2023, is expected to come in 2024. But nothing is known about it, and Google might be waiting to see the reception of its first foldable before starting development on its second generation.
Four Pixels to counter four iPhones in 2025
Now, we are much farther into the future, and three years from now, the Pixel lineup could look entirely different.
There is a ‘flip’ Pixel under development, though its future depends on the success of Pixel Fold successes. How the lineup would look in 2025 depends on whether there is a flip coming or not.
If Google decides to introduce a flip phone, then it would introduce three non-folding Pixel phones, a Pixel 10 and two Pixel 10 Pros.
But, if the Flip is not happening, then we could have four non-folding Pixel launching in 2025 – that would include two standard Pixel 10 and two Pixel 10 Pros – and the difference between these two will be the size – much similar to what we saw with the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max.
We may get the Pixel Fold in 2023; also, the launch of three other Pixel – the Pixel 8a and Pixel 9, 9 Pro – is quite obvious since they have already been in rumours. But there is still a lot of time until 2024 and a lot more for 2025 to come. So, we suggest you take all this with a pinch of salt as these are all ‘plans,’ and it depends on a lot of factors, so it is prone to changes.

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