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Heart patients need to take special precautions in winter: Dr. ML Garg latest update

Heart specialist Dr. ML Garg latest update

Senior Consultant Physician and Chest Specialist Dr. M.L.Garg while giving information said that in the winter season heart (heart) patients and lung patients become excessive. That requires precautions.For sufferers with coronary heart sickness including coronary artery sickness (CAD) or cardiac ischemia or hypertension.

The wintry weather season acts as a catalyst for those sicknesses and ends in a coronary heart attack.

Even demise can happen. Therefore, when the temperature decreases during the winter season, heart patients need special precautions because the Low temperature in wintry weather damages your coronary heart due to the fact the blood vessels of the frame get constricted.Due to this the blood pressure / BP will increase and the coronary heart has to paint extra to supply blood to the narrowed blood vessels.

by which the heart (heart)’s heart rate increases. So if you don’t have heart disease then you have less chance of having problems but if you have heart disease or high blood pressure then you can have heart attack.

Precautions: Heart sufferers have to at the least go away their houses withinside the wintry weather season. If you move out, put on woolen clothes, a cap for your head, gloves for your fingers, and woolen socks and footwear for your feet.

  • Do now no longer workout with inside the open. Do now no longer workout with the aid of using carrying woolen clothes.
  • If you exercise by wearing woolen clothes, the body will get warm and the blood vessels will widen and if you have heart disease, then the person’s blood pressure will decrease.
  • If coronary heart sufferers all of sudden begin sweating in winter, then it’s miles a signal of hazard and that they must straight away touch their doctor.
  • Contact your physician in case you are liable to getting the flu throughout the iciness season. Don’t exit of the residence after ingesting alcohol.
  • When someone liquids alcohol, the blood vessels dilate, because of which greater blood flows within the pores and skin and the pores and skin turns into warm.
  • Due to this there may be a sense of warmth with inside the body.
  • Due to the intake of alcohol, blood comes from the inner organs with inside the blood vessels, So the inner organs begin getting cold, because of which the threat of coronary heart assault increases.

cold lungs respiratory patient Precautions for the heart patients of:-

In the iciness season, we need to keep away from bloodless weather/bloodless air to keep away from illnesses of our lungs and heart , for which the subsequent precautions are Necessary-Wear a mask/head headband placed on a entire sleeve shirt, woolen clothes like-sweater, woolen socks, and headgear Wear a woolen cap, woolen gloves to your palms, and placed on shoes.

Breathe thru the nostril and now no longer thru the mouth. Because it takes greater time for the air to attain the lungs while respiratory thru the nose.
By which The cold air gets heated and reaches the lungs. Cold reduces the immunity of our frame because of which there are extra possibilities of having cold, cold, bronchitis pneumonia. To growth immunity, consume clean fruits, vegetables, almonds, raisins etc.

Must drink 6-10 glasses of warm water. Kept guessing. Do now no longer take bloodless liquids at all. Keep your self farfar from stress. Do now no longer workout out of doors with inside the open. There is smog in winter, because of which the issues of respiration sufferers growth due to the fact dirt debris are much less than 2.five microns, which motive allergic reactions through achieving the respiration tract. Inhalation of smoke from bonfires harms patients.
Breathing patients and heart patients should keep taking their medicines regularly with the advice of the doctor and keep fast acting medicines with you. If there may be any unexpected extrade withinside the body, touch your health practitioner immediately. Stay farfar from crowded regions and keep away from touch with unwell

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