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Jennifer Lawrence recalls director Bryan Singer’s ‘hissy fits on sets’ | Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence was not in the mood to hold back when it came to discussing toxic masculinity and her experiences in working with male directors in the industry. The Hunger Games actor made sure everyone knew that she had worked with her X- Men director Bryan Singer so she knows a thing or two about ‘emotional men’ who throw ‘hissy fits’. (Also read: Jennifer Lawrence says she lost sense of control post Hunger Games success)

Jennifer Lawrence has starred in three of Bryan Singer’s X-Men films, First Class (2011), Days of Future Past (2014), and Apocalypse (2016). Several actors have since called out the director for his difficult methods on set. While Jennifer hasn’t, in the past, made such allegations but in a recent interaction, she labelled him ‘emotional’ in a sarcastic manner and alluded to ‘hissy fits on the sets’.

It all occurred at The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable this year, when Jennifer was joined by fellow actors Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Williams, Danielle Deadwyler, Emma Corrin, and Claire Foy. The Silver Linings Playbook actor’s comment about Bryan Singer made everyone crack up in giggles. Jennifer started with her experience on working with a female director Lila Neugebauer on her recent release Causeway and said, “It was incredible to not be around toxic masculinity. To get a little break from it. And it did always just make us laugh about how we ended up with, ‘Women shouldn’t be in roles like this because we’re so emotional.’ I mean, I’ve worked with Bryan Singer. I’ve seen emotional men. I’ve seen the biggest hissy fits thrown on set. [Neugebauer’s] my third female director, and they are the calmest, best decision-makers I’ve ever worked with. I absolutely love working with female directors.”

The actor spoke about the difference in working with female directors, adding, “It was just so interesting to be on a female-led movie. My producing partner and I were the lead producers. We had a female director. The schedule made sense. There were no huge fights. If an actor had a personal thing and wanted to leave early, instead of going, ‘Oh! Well, we’d all love to leave early!’ we’d put our heads together and go, ‘Okay. How can we figure this out?’ We disagreed, and we listened to each other. Sometimes I was wrong and would learn that I was wrong, and sometimes I was right.”

In the past, actors like Halle Berry, Rami Malek, and Sophie Turner have spoken against Bryan Singer for creating an unpleasant experience on set. The director hasn’t made a film after Bohemian Rhapsody, when several accusations were levelled against him for sexually assaulting multiple underage boys.

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