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Today In History | December 27: Attack of extremists on two cities of Europe

today in history December 27 Attack of extremists on two cities of Europe

New Delhi: history of the day On December 27, 1985, extremists attacked two cities in Europe, killing 16 people and injuring more than 100. Six gunmen opened fire indiscriminately in the first attack at Italy’s Rome International Airport. A total of 13 people, including the three gunmen, were killed in the incident.

In a second incident, three attackers threw a hand grenade at passengers on a Tel Aviv-bound flight at Vienna airport in Austria, killing three people. The sequence wise details of other major events recorded on the date of 27th December in the history of the country and the world are as follows:-

1797: Birth of great Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib.

1911: ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was sung for the first time during the Calcutta (now Kolkata) session of the Indian National Congress.

1939: About forty thousand people died due to earthquake in Turkey.

1960: France conducted the third nuclear test in the Sahara Desert of Africa and went one step further on the way to develop nuclear missiles.

1975: 372 people died in Chasnala coal mine accident in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand.

1979: Soviet army attacked after political upheaval in Afghanistan.

1985: 16 people were killed and more than a hundred were injured in the attack of extremists at Vienna and Rome airports in Europe.

2000: Pre-marital relations were given legal recognition in Australia.

2007: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto died in a bomb attack and firing near Rawalpindi. (agency)

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