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Who Turned Up The S*x Appeal The Most In The Sensual Mazzy Swimsuit Creating Too Many Wild Fantasies?

Deepika Padukone Vs Katrina Kaif Vs Sofia Vergara's Fashion Face Off: Who Wore The Scintillating Multi Neon Colored Swimwear The Best?
Deepika Padukone Vs Katrina Kaif Vs Sofia Vergara’s Fashion Face Off (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Imagine casting Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Sofia Vergara in some cool version of a spy thriller. Where they just bang bang their way through your hearts, dancing to some Besharam Rang running on a beach like the Baywach women! Too much crossover for the day. But it would be an interesting frame to watch, we feel.

Now, these three divas donned the same swimwear at different points of course, looking like a million bucks and we cannot decide who looks the best. So this fashion face-off is over to you.

Deepika Padukone, Sofia Vergara and Katrina Kaif in these different pictures are donning the same mazzy swimsuits, popping all the neons you can expect. While Pathaan‘s Rubia wore it for a photoshoot, Tiger’s Zoya donned the swimwear in Bang Bang.

Sofia Vergara also wore the piece during one of her shoots from The Modern Family, where she was seen enjoying a vacation with her cast members. The Columbian beauty looked perfect, flaunting her curves peeking through the cutes of her body piece by a brand called Agent Provocateur.

You can check out her picture here:

Katrina Kaif and her Bang Bang look is famous and often get mistaken for a bikini. She is rocking the neons here and as she soaks herself in the sun amidst the sea, all you want to sing is samundar mein nahaake…Or you could start humming, ‘Shinin’ in the settin’ sun like a pearl up on the ocean…’

Check out Kat’s look here, which was shared on a Reddit sub Katrinakaifapp:

From bang bang katrina kaif in bikini 👙, looking gorgeous 🔥🔥👙💘💋💦
by u/Hightop_Security1168 in Katrinakaiffapp

While Katrina Kaif and Sofia Vergara put the swimwear to it’s actual use, Deepika Padukone donned it in a totally different setup looking dapper and athletic, ready to pounce on someone. However, she chose a color theme for the swimwear different from Sofia and Kat’s neons and went for black and orange with a sudden pop of pink. She even accessorised her look with a funky bracelet and chic dangles.

DP’s look was shared by a Reddit community, r/bikinis. Check it out here:

Deepika Padukone
by in bikinis

So finally we cannot conclude who wins this fashion war and pick the best out of them. If you do have a choice, let us know in the comments section below.

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